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São Paulo Fashion Week took place from October 21 to 26 at the Farol Santander, in the center of São Paulo and at the ARCA, in the west. The theme ‘change’, inviting everyone to leave their comfort zone and experience new times and spaces.

I have separated the main trends from SPFW. Some of the pieces presented in the parades are already in Brazilian stores!

Linen Clothes

The linen fabric is made from an herbaceous plant. Its use in fabric was discovered at 8000 BC. Linen fabric looks heavy but comfortable and elegant.

Brands such as Beira, Handred, Helena Pontes and Osklen bet on linen as a new trend and presented incredible pieces on the catwalks of the SPFW. Check out:

Osken – SPFW n46
Handred – SPFW n46

Hoop Earring

Whether small, large or double rings, the piece is in several international parades and in SPFW. Celebrities like the singer Rhianna, are already parading with these earrings.

Brands such as ALUF, Lucas Leão and PatBo presented several versions of the accessory. Check out:

Agua de Coco – SPFW n46
Apartamento 03 – SPFW


Nothing like a tropical country presenting tropicalism to the world. Clothing inspired by the Brazilian fauna and flora stood out in the parades. Fabrics with designs of foliage, palm trees, floral, fruits and even embroidered birds.

Brands like Coconut Water, Amir Slama and PatBo bet on tropicalism.

Amir Slama – SPFW n46
PaTBo – SPFW n46

Monochrome Looks

As presented in the international fashion shows, monochromatic looks and neon colors were explored by several Brazilian desing.

The brands Amir Slama, Cacete, Lilly Sarti, Handred, Osklen and Torinno presented several models:

Lilly Sarti – SPFW n46
Torrino – SPFW n46
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