Iris Van Herpen | Paris Couture Week

Iris Van Herpen

Iris Van Herpen is a Dutch designer who has been winning the holophones in recent weeks due to her new collection.

She reports that she draws inspiration from celestial, astrology, and galaxy maps. Immersed in a futuristic world, she manages to create a true work of art with voluminous dresses that resemble clouds.

The accessories used in the print models were printed in 3D and the shoes can be transparent salty that glowed in the dark.

It was amazing to find a collection like this, since lately the fashion designs are inspired by the past, Van Herpern, looked to the future.

Iris Van Herpen

Risky and bold, but I feel happy about her choice, because I’m in love with dress. Is it because we’re both born on June 5?

Check out the full parade:

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